build + run autonomous systems

Bring the virtual to the physical; leverage software and a distributed network of resources

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From Research to Commercialization, the future is Autonomy, and On-Demand Resources Teleoperated by Distributed Labor.

Calling all Owners, Operators, and Jack-of-all-trades Makers.
Learn, Participate, and Earn, all on your own terms.

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Anything from anywhere

The Universe is Open Source. Your education shouldn't be restricted. Access the state of the art in any discipline.

In the process of discovery

Figure out how the world works, and help others along the way.

Based on your contribution

Liberation from traditional economic gate-keeping; generate income from action without seeking permission.

There are 8 Billion of us collectively living 22 Million Years daily

What if we built systems for large scale coordination; systems that enabled the best uses of our intelligence, and creativity?